Oh the black blazer. I first fell in love with this design when Camilla and Marc released a slightly different version a couple of years ago called The Moonshadow Blazer. I lusted after that blazer for so long, and the moment I decided to take the plunge.. it sold out. So when they re-released the design (with a slight difference) I was all in. I hung that baby up on display in my room for about a month before I took it out for a spin. The tailoring and embellishments on this beauty make itperfect for me to wear to work and also to play - an absolute wardrobe essential.

I’ve been trying really hard recently to make smart purchases, buying pieces that accentuate your wardrobe and make it easier for you to get dressed in the morning and feel confident in knowing your style. Carefully curating wardrobe requires a lot of patience and savvy shopping when faced with 100s of gorgeous new things coming into the market every damn day. If you're anything like me you have to physically restrain yourself from just buying everything you love. To make sure that I'm being smart with my purchases I have to ask myself a few questions, and if the answer is an 100% yes then that baby is mine. 

Will this work with the rest of my wardrobe?

Its so important to think about whether or not this piece is going to work with what you already have. As a rule of thumb, if you can't think of 5 different ways you can wear it, then its not a wise choice. When you have a carefully put together wardrobe it makes it easy for you to mix and match a huge number of stylish outfits that you know you feel comfortable in, instead of having a wardrobe full of clothes that you never wear. 

What occasions can I wear this?

Things like this jacket, for example, is exactly what I'm talking about, I know I can wear it to work and then out for drinks with the girls. I find that with this kind of shopping, when you're buying good quality clothes it often comes with a sightly higher price tag. And when you're spending your hard earned cash, you need to make sure that you can wear it all the time. This is not to say that you can't buy something that you've got your heart set on because its special, sometimes the heart wants what it wants and you just cant resist the statement piece. 

Is it good quality?

When you're spending money on something you need to know that the make and fabric are of good quality, that way you know that when it becomes part of your high rotation its going to last. It may go without saying but sticking to natural fibres like cotton, silk and wool is a good way to judge quality and longevity.  

Do I really need this?

It may have already ticked all of the above boxes, but do you really need another white shirt of pair of black ankle boots?Maybe the answer is yes, and thats okay, but its always worth asking yourself the question so that you don't go too out of control and end up with a bunch of expensive items sitting at the bottom of your wardrobe collecting dust.

Wearing Camilla and Marc Caustic Blazer, Camilla and Marc Deco Top and Georgia Alice Flared Denim

Photos by Shauna Voon