At the beginning of March I decided that I would give up buying anything other than food and experiences for the whole month. While that doesn't seem like such a long time, for me, I knew it would be difficult. And I succeeded, for the most part, which the exception of a NARS palette that I had to purchase otherwise I would never see it again.

Anyway, when I started out on this challenge, I was going to be calling this blog post "How I Saved $X In One Month", but during March, it turned into something completely different - not only did I save a bit of money, the challenge also gave me time to reflect on how fast fashion has been controlling my life. As I've mentioned previously in Keeping Up With The Joneses, the pressure of needing to look "on trend" all the time makes us just want to purchase clothes and beauty without really thinking it through and thinking of the consequences it will have on our bank account. But there is another thing we don't often think about, but we need to, the strain that these fast fashion purchases are having on the environment 

I attribute this recent epiphany to two key things; the amazing podcast Fashion Crisis by Clare Press and the kickass March issue of Vogue Australia, guest edited by Emma Watson. And the more I listened and read about sustainable fashion, the more I realised that I really had no idea how much strain the fashion industry is putting on the environment, and that's pretty scary. I hadn't ever really given it much thought. I never thought about how just buying a $20 t-shirt, wearing it a few times until it fell apart, then throwing it in the bin was impacting the environment. 


The first step...

Step 1 for me? Embracing second-hand shopping. This is why my gorgeous friend Jasmin Ilic and I are having a stall at the new, revamped Gillies Street Market, Gillies At The Grounds, this Sunday the 15th of April. To really make a concerned effort to wear more of the clothes I already own, I have to only have the clothes that I love sitting in front of me. This weekend I'll be selling all of my pre-loved clothing that I'm just not wearing anymore or that don't fit me anymore. From there, I'm going to build my wardrobe up with gorgeous, good quality pieces that I just have to have. 

After that...

My next step is going to be putting more of an effort into choosing quality fabrics and environmentally conscious brands and companies. I know it seems like buying one pair of $50 jeans isn't really going to make much of a difference, but it only takes a small amount of actions to make a big change. Research, research, research, because the more we know, the more informed we are, the better choices we make. I'm hoping that the more I learn about this topic, the more I can share with you all what I've found.

Now, who's ready to find some hidden gems with me at Gillies At The Grounds this weekend?