What’s the ultimate accessory? The It Handbag? No, there's a new one of those each season. There's only one accessory that never goes out of style and every season it's the hottest thing to be carrying (pun intended)… coffee.

Look back at every fashion girl's Instagram feed, heck, have a look at your own feed, see any coffee snaps? Yeah, I thought so. The images that you see accompanying this post are just a few recent coffee shots on my feed #cantstopwontstop.

So why is everyone so obsessed with being snapped holding their coffee? Is coffee the ultimate status symbol? (And yes, I'm extremely aware of the fact that I just sounded like a Carrie Bradshaw soundbite). Maybe it’s because you want to be known as that cool chick that knows all of the underground, hipster coffee joints. But for me, I think it’s an extension of what I was writing about in Keeping Up With The Joneses. Having these luxurious takeaway coffees or sitting at a cool café is a way to project the best possible image of ourselves – because let’s face it, $5 for a coffee is a luxury.

All I know is that people are obsessed with taking photos of their coffee. Or if you're not a coffee drinker, a matcha or turmeric latte (whatever that even is). Coffee just seems to have a cool girl effect that I've never really been able to understand, even though I fall for it probably more than anyone else.  

What is it that makes you feel a bit cooler walking down the street with your takeaway flat white? I don't have all the answers, hell; I have none of the answers, but maybe it just makes you feel one step closer to those hot, candid blogger babes.

Does anyone else get that feeling? Or am I alone on this one? 

- Caity x

*side note: I do really, really love coffee.