Introducing your new favourite summer drink... Fizzy Watermelon & Basil Iced Tea! So fresh and simple – serve up this melony basil beauty to quench those hot summer days!


You’ll need:
16 teaspoons T2 Watermelon Sorbet
½ bunch fresh basil leaves
5-6 slices fresh watermelon
500ml soda water (you can use lemonade if you like really sweet drinks... which I do not)


How to (It's so easy!)

  1. Add Watermelon Sorbet to the infuser of your 2L T2 Jug-a-lot and half fill with boiling water. Infuse for 10 minutes then remove infuser and leave to cool for 1 hour.
  2. Add ice, basil leaves and fresh watermelon slices and top with the soda water or lemonade. Stir well and serve.

Makes 2 litres (I have the 1.2L Jug-a-lot so I just halved the recipe)

Sometimes on a hot day, you just want something refreshing! Other days like, say, Australia Day, you might want something with a little extra bite. Just like the little girl on the Old El Paso ad, I simply say; "por que no los dos!?" If you're wanting to make this iced tea a bit naughty, just add some vodka or gin, it will be like a tasty, fancy, yummy punch!

Happy Australia Day friends - have a drink or two for me ;)

- Caity X