If you follow my Instagram stories you'll know that I've really been getting into listening to podcasts on my morning (and afternoon) commute, and today I want to share my favourites. I used to be all about reading magazines on the bus, but with having to read so many things throughout the day at work, sitting back and listening is where it's at. I now even listen to them in the car instead of the radio.. and when I do ironing.. and gardening.. okay I'm obsessed. And don't worry, they're not only fashion-themed podcast, there is truly something for everyone here!

Garance Doré's Pardon My French

Garance Doré has always been one of my favourite personalities in the fashion industry and I've always loved hearing her opinions on life. In Pardon My French she speaks to a whole host of amazing people about everything fashion and lifestyle - it's a really relaxing way to start or finish your work day.

UnStyled by Refinery 29

Unstyled is hosted by Global Editor in Chief & Co-Founder Christene Barberich, who interviews some seriously interesting people in fashion and business. These interviews are honest conversations which are super inspiring. 

Monocycle with Leandra Medine

We all love Leandra Medine, and in her second podcast series (her first being Oh Boy by Man Repeller) she gets really honest about her life and drops some serious, thought-provoking truth bombs. I love how honest and inspiring her short episodes are and I hope she never stops creating them. 

How I Built This

A podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealise, and the stories behind the movements they built. With stories from the people behind brands like Virgin, Dermalogica, Spanx and Kate Spade, these interviews and insights are so inspiring and help you start the day wiht a sense of purpose!

Side Hustle School

Little 10 minute episode showcasing how people from all different walks of life have succeed with their side hustles. Its so interesting for me to hear all of these different people coming up with crazy and often practical ideas that just work, it fills me with inspiration and determination. 

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Stuff Mom Never Told You was the first podcast I ever listened to, from episodes entitled 'Were Mediums the First Feminists' to 'Charitable Burnout' and 'Mansplaning' - you never know what they're going to cover next. This podcast is mostly about issues to do with woman and honestly introduced you to things you never even knew to think about or parts of history you never learnt. It is truly fascinating and definitely worthwhile for anyone to listen to. 

Stuff You Should Know

Like Stuff Mom Never Told You, this podcast (which is part of the same podcast family) has introduced me to topics such as 'How Optical Illusions Work' and taught me all about some fascinating and devastating American history - it's another podcast that introduces you to topics you had never even thought of. 

Now that you have the perfect set of podcasts to get you through your commute, the only other thing you need to nail it? The perfect pair of sneaker of course! Because, I'll be honest, nothing pains my heart more than workwear and sandshoes. These are a selection of my favourites going around!

- Caity x