Coco Chanel once famously said, “Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love.” But how often do we really follow that advice? It’s worth asking yourself the question; “why do I buy the clothes that I buy?” Is it because it’s a piece that you’ve been told is a “must have” or did you see it and just fall in love? In some way or another I think we all follow what is “of the moment” but it’s the degree to which we do it and the reasons behind it that speak volumes. 

For the last couple of years we’ve been told constantly and consistently that minimalism is the way to go, and in the process, for me, it's started to feel as if fashion has lost a bit of its fun. I stopped wearing as much colour and stopped wearing fun jewellery. I started to feel a bit like a “fashun” robot and felt myself falling into a trap of dressing like everyone else. Fashion is a way of showing people who you are without having to say a word, and why would you want to tell the world that you’re just like everyone else?

Enter Sophie from The Moon and the Mirror blog. I met this amazing woman a few months ago when a mutual friend told us we should meet, and honestly she is a breath of fresh air. She has a completely unique sense of style and takes each day as an opportunity to dress up in a way that no one else could, the world is her stage. 

When I asked Sophie her views on the subject this is what she had to say..

“Fashion is Fun”. I feel as though this statement is akin to The Devil Wears Prada quote, “Florals for Spring, Groundbreaking”. The thing is though, despite cliché, fashion is fun and I love wearing florals in spring. Fashion being fun is all about perspective. Fun indicates a good time, smiles and exciting activity, thus for fashion to be fun one has to understand that its not about throwing on a trend head to toe, it is about creativity and your unique outlook on life. It is about considering how your style will affect your experience with life, ask yourself “Am I dressed for a fun filled day or am I dressed for a low key normal kind of day?”
Viewing the “norm core” and minimalist trends of late, they are not necessarily my aesthetic but I have deep respect for their architectural and post modernist influences, art will always inform fashion, directing it from the fun to the abstract to the minimal to the maximal. Just like when you walk though an art gallery and you connect with certain styles of paintings, this too occurs when walking through a store. The most recent looks from the likes of Gucci however have been incredibly fun. Telling narratives with fashion and painting an ultimate picture of fun woven with sequins and tassels has me feeling like life just got a bit better, Gucci says have fun, and I am following suit! More is More!

So when I asked Sophie if she would play dress ups with me she brought a whole suitcase of amazingness and completely transformed my outfits.. complete with Cecil the parrot. And you can now inject a little bit of Sophie's style into your wardrobe with some FABULOUS scarfs from her Etsty store!

With all of the rules and fashion faux pas going around don't lose who you are - keep fashion fun, life's too short! 

Photos by Shauna Voon

- Caity X