I have recently been lucky enough to work with Ultraceuticals skincare on their new RVR90 campaign, real visible results in 90 days. My skincare journey started with receiving my RVR90 pack based on my skin type complete with an Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser, Ultra Hydrating Lotion and Ultra UV Protection Daily Moisturiser SPF 30. The only thing missing? My serum, but that's where the skincare system breaks away from all others, I was sent away to have a consultation with an Ultraceuticals specialist to customise my serum specifically for my skincare needs.On my visit to LaserTech Clinic (which is the most luxurious spa I've ever been inside) I met Ultrasecutical specialist Heidi who took the time to have a chat about my skin and took a scan of my face so we could really get down to business. From this scan, and her extreme knowledge, she was able to see that I still had some underlying sun damage on the bridge of my nose and could pinpoint the age I was when it most likely occurred, and she was totally right.

With all of this knowledge in mind, she prescribed me with a mild Even Skin Tone Serum to help with my pigmentation and sun damage. I have been using my custom skincare routine for about 60 days now and I can honestly see a difference in my skin tone and its even helped fade some acne scares for those dreaded teen years.

Going through this process with Ultraceuticals I have learnt some really interesting and important facts about skincare that I would love to share with you all:

Sun Damage

When I was young and dumb, got burnt a lot, and you don't realise just how deep the damage goes and how permanent it is. My face scan not only revealed some underlying damage around my nose, the skin specialist was even able to pinpoint the years that it came from, it was scarily accurate. My point is.. wear sunscreen and wear it ALL THE TIME. I've always been slack, but after this I never will be again. The amazing Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 will now always be a stable in my skincare regime, its also mattifying which makes it perfect for summer to keep the shine away.

Competing Product Ingredients

I know we all love to try out new products, we can't help it. If you're anything like me when you read a magazine you see at least 3 different beauty products that you really want to test out and know you've just got to try that new "wonder" product. But is it really what your skin needs? And is it competition with other products? What I've learnt is that you should be paying attention to what active ingredients are in your products, they may be cancelling each other out or even accelerating processes such as stripping your the skin too far if you're using ingredients such as AHAs for example. This is where using a whole range comes in handy, its developed as a holistic solution.


As to my point above, theres a reason skincare comes in a compete range, they enhance one another and work together to give you a better result. And when you chose a range that suits your skin type, you know that each of the products is usually working independently and as a whole.

Dry Skin and Hydration

I've always thought that dry skin was always just dry, and thick creams and oils would solve the problem, but I was wrong. Its all about hydration, I've never really had dry skin (I'm more oily skinned) it was just dehydration, which ironically makes oily skin worse. So another solid piece of advice: drink more water!!

In the last 60 days while using Ultraceuticales my skin tone has improved dramatically and my complexion is immeasurably brighter and smoother. Its really great to find a skincare routine that includes a cleanser that really cleans and a night moisturiser that isn't too heavy, and I've already raved about the day moisturiser so you know how much I love that one! I 100% recommend this skincare routine to anyone who wants to brighten up their skin and improve overall complexion. 

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