You know that feeling when you walk out of the hair salon and your hair is bouncy, shiny and perfectly styled? Don't you wish you could have that all the time? Well duh, I already know the answer is yes. 

After years of watching my hairdresser transform my hair with gorgeous Davroe Haircare products, I decided to stop spending my time in the chair reading magazines, and actually pay attention. Now, with the help of the lovely people at Davroe, I'll take you through my haircare routine to achieve the perfect "Fashion-Girl" wave.

The perfect look starts with the perfect base:


Once your hair is dry, spray Thermaprotect to protect the strands from the heat of the curling wand.


Divide hair into thirds and and clip up the top sections (you can modify this step if your hair is thicker). Grab a section of hair (the thickness is up to you) and wrap the hair around the wand, wrapping it away from the face. Hold the hair for 5 - 10 seconds, depending on how your hair reacts to the heat (this part is a bit of trail and error).


Once you take your hair off the wand, and while its still hot, twist your curl tighter in the same direction and pull down slightly to make the curls look a little less structured. This part is not something most people do, but it's something that I've been experiemting with and I think it makes the curls look a little more effortless. 


Once all of the hair has been curled, gently brush out with a wide toothed comb to get rid of the Shirley Temple look.


If you have a few pieces that are sticking out strangely or are too curled, use the hot wand to smooth over the spot.


For a more relaxed, beach-wave look, spray some Murray River Sea Salt Spray into the mid-lengths and ends and scrunch the spray into the hair.


If you're going for more of a sleek curled look, go for the Brilliance Shine Mist. Pop a few light sprays into the mid-lengths and smooth down.


I've been doing these curls, or some version of this, for a few years now and the best advice I can give when finding a curl look that suits you, is just embrace a whole lot of trial and error. Perfecting the actual curl is one of the easier parts, the harder part is making them stay in your hair. I've found that with this combo of amaaaaazing Davroe products work absolute wonders on keeping my curls in tact as well as keeping my hair soft and smooth. 

Got any questions about my curling haircare routine? Post them in the comments!

- Caity x