Chanel is taking you back in time to the 80s with the re-release of three iconic red nail polish colours: Rouge Flamboyant 38 , Laque Rouge 71 and Rouge No19.

Rouge Flamboyant, first released in 1980, is a fiery red that introduced cheerful energy into a new decade. I love a lighter red with a more of an orange hue for the warmer months. Laque Rouge, introduced in 1981, is more of a deep red shade that reveals the incomparable elegance of Chanel. Rouge No19, from 1987, is more of a blue-red for more of a feminine approach to reds.

I have already gone a little crazy at the Chanel counter and treated myself to a little Rouge Flamboyant and Laque Rouge (as well as a couple of others..)

The Chanel Les Rouges Culte colours will only be around for a limited time, be sure to snap them up before they disappear back to the 80s.